Tattoo street style review @duffythewriter

Once the mark of an underground subculture, tattoos have well and truly stepped out of the shadows and into the streets.

Tattoo Street Style offers up, well, tattoos on the street!   Its a damn good looking book which is just perfect for;

An Eastern suburbs cafe

A Newtown barbers

Reading while waiting for an interview at a tech start-up

Tattoo parlours everywhere

Your coffee table

Tattoo Street Style review @duffythewriter

I’m a lover of good ink and there is plenty of inspiration here, along with profiles of the artists and the people who have become their canvas. Photographer Nicolas Brulez has searched cities across the globe and showcased 300 photographs of diverse people and their unique designs, from nautical themes to video game style and everything in between, this book is an inspirational anthology of modern tattoo culture.

The perfect book gift for any ink fan, stylist, and lover of art.

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