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Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run The World. There Is More Than One Way To Be The Boss

What does success look like for women in the workplace? Is it hitting the gym at 5 am every morning and then going from power meeting to presentation after presentation all day long? Is it working later than everyone else, scowling at anyone else who leaves on time? Can you only be successful if you rule your team by fear and by always getting your own way?

Women in business are far more individual, but the stereotypes are either that of a ball busting Alpha female who terrifies all who fall in her path, or the quiet secretary, nice to everyone, buzzing around getting stuff done but with little acknowledgment or fashion sense. The Devil Wears Prada is a classic example.

I found this out myself while creating the banner for this blog.  Typing in Canva and Pixabay search phrases such as ‘women in business’, or ‘female boss’ brought up images of old battleaxes in power suits and a stern faces devoid of emotion, or pretty young women looking wistfully at a laptop, or more worryingly, looking stressed or about to cry in a coffee shop, laptop at her table.

devil wears Prada alpha female @duffythewriter
Movie: The Devil Wears Prada

What’s Beta About?

Author Rebecca Holman doesn’t do much to challenge any of these stereotypes, merely reinforce that they are out there in the workplace today.  Beta is full of anecdotes and interviews from women who have had challenges in the workplace, with a focus on Beta females experiences with a general feel of ‘it’s fine to be a Beta female, don’t beat yourself up about it.’

There are some positive messages in here, but nothing groundbreaking. Yes, Instagram influencers look like they have a perfect life, but they more than likely have their own insecurities, and if you feel jealous, or inadequate following these wonder women on Insta, then simply unfollow. Stop winding yourself up. If you work for a tiresome Alpha bully, leave and find your own beta tribe. If you don’t get to the gym 5 times a week, it doesn’t mean you are a failure at life. See? Not particularly eye opening.

beta female @duffythewriter
First image selection on Canva after hitting a search for ‘woman at work’

Is Beta Worth The Read?

Although the book is clearly for the benefit of Beta women, and explains that Beta women are just as good at their jobs, I did feel that there was some bias against Alpha women and that Holman didn’t do much to challenge that stereotype at all.  I, for example, would class myself as Beta. I like to just get on and do the job and maintain great workplace relationships, but that doesn’t mean my Alpha personality remains hidden when push comes to shove. I can tap into my inner Alpha when needed, and this has brought about some stereotypical, sexist comments. If a guy adjusts his voice to communicate the seriousness of a matter, yet remains direct, clear and sets an expectation for the team is he emotional or scary? No, he’s dominant, owning the situation and is the man to take control and get the project done.

Beta is certainly an interesting read, but it doesn’t challenge us women to get out there and shake things up. It’s more a book which reinforces the message that ‘you’re ok just the way you are.’ Which is terribly Beta!

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2.5 out fo 5 from me.  An interesting read which is more reassuring than inspiring.

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