@duffythewriter top 5 books to read if you feel an outsider

Most of us have felt a little different in a crowd, party, work, or social situation.  Some of us feel like an outsider every day. These books and characters are for those that feel a little different to the rest. And you know what? That’s ok!

One in a million boy review @duffythewriter

One In A Million Boy

The One In A Million Boy. I had absolutely no idea how this book was going to go; but after the first chapter, I felt a slight shadow darken across my heart as I learnt about ‘the boy’. A wonderfully understated and sensitive book written by Monica Wood

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If I fall, if I die a review @duffythewriter

If I Fall, If I Die

This book is the story of Will, a young lad with an agoraphobic mother, living in a large house with rooms named after cities. Cairo, Toronto and Paris become their cocooned world filled with art, creativity and unconditional love. Everything is a danger in the house; Lightbulbs and ovens can kill, non-mushed food can choke and mailmen can be friend or foe. There are worse things though than the dangers inside and that’s the unknown ‘outside’ full of crowds, darkness, metal and rushing, crushing anxiety.

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Who's Afraid a review @duffythewriter

Who’s Afraid & Who’s Afraid Too

What is more unusual than finding out that you are a werewolf? A unique take on the werewolf theme which actually makes you relate to blue haired Tommi Grayson. This is a book series you can get seriously lost in.

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tom houghton book review @duffythewriter

Tom Houghton

Tom Houghton is twelve years old. He is different and the others know it. Some tiptoe around it, whisper loudly about it, some bully him mercilessly, and very few embrace him for it.

Fast forward to Tom Houghton at forty. The book unfolds as we wind our way through time; from that little boy growing up in 70’s Sydney, to Tom’s adult life, which has become an extraordinarily f*cked up mess.

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because we are bad OCD book review @duffythewriter

Because We Are Bad

Because We Are Bad will draw you into the sometimes hellish internal world of Lily, who has suffered from severe OCD since she was a child.

“As a child, Lily Bailey knew she was bad.  By the age of 13, she had killed someone with a thought, spread untold disease and ogled the bodies of other children.”

Lily performs secret, exhausting routines, both in her head, and physically, to keep everything in order and everyone she loves safe. This spirals out of control and is finally diagnosed. Diagnosis doesn’t suddenly mean all is well. There is a life-long journey ahead for Lily as she lives with her disorder and unravels the controlling thoughts and actions which dictate her young life.

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Each one of these books left an impression for different reasons. If you’re looking for a book to help you, relate to, or to explain to someone else how you are feeling, these 5 books may help you do just that.

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