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Diamond Sky by Annie Seaton – Suspense, theft and romance at a remote outback mine

Someone is smuggling diamonds out of the remote Western Australian Matsu Diamond mine. Connor Kirk, a guy who has been around the shadier side of life for more years than he would care to remember has been assigned the case. Going undercover at the mine, Connor has his suspects, but the closer he gets to the case, the more he needs to know.

Dru Porter is a reclusive engineer who has gained the name ‘The Ice Queen’ by her colleagues.  She is withdrawn, secretive and highly capable. Dru quickly becomes Connors prime suspect, but is Dru all she seems to be?

My Thoughts On Diamond Sky

I do enjoy a good Australian fiction and Annie Seaton’s fans think she’s one of the best. This is the first of Annie’s books I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I found out it was the final instalment of The Porter Sisters trilogy, but it read as a standalone book and a good one at that. The detail of the remote outback and the Kimberley is on point, and the character outlines are as strong as the steel capped boots they wear out in the mines.

The isolation of the Kimberley sits in tandem with that of Dru, the central character, and the setting conveys the expanse of the region and the emptiness that fills Dru’s life.  The motley crew at the mine are a great supporting cast and I suspected each in turn at different times in the book.

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Even though I worked out how the diamonds were smuggled at about the 200-page mark, I had no idea how it would all pan out.  I found myself rooting for Connor Kirk as he got to grips with the stories, rumours, dangers and secrets in the middle of the outback at the Matsu diamond mine.

If you love anything by  Jenn J Mcleod  or have read Never Never, and Out Of The Ice, then you’ll have a ball with Diamond Sky by Annie Seaton

Diamond Sky was given to me in exchange for honest review by Beauty & Lace Bookclub and Pan MacMillan

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3.5 out of 5