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The idea for my debut novel, Death made me came to me in a dream. I was holidaying with my family in Devon. I woke up thinking I have to write this down!

Most of the book was written on my Samsung Galaxy note, something I came to regret at the editing stage! I quickly transferred it all over to my laptop.

I found the editing stage laborious and I genuinely thought that would be the hardest part… boy was I wrong!

Getting the word out there is the hardest part. After the initial interest and support from loved ones, it’s a real task to generate interest.

I’ve had some great advice from bloggers and authors though. It’s all a learning curve and I’ll be more prepared for book #2.

There’s also been some great feedback and six 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 reviews on Amazon so far.

The book itself has just about everything in it and I initially worried about how it would be perceived. There’s a ghost, in fact several, romance, abuse, friendship, family values, a psychic and even a serial killer 🙈

It work’s much like my mind, there’s a lot going on and it’s fast paced. I’m elated that’s it been so well received.

Death Made Me

Some people live each day as if it were their last, embracing every possibility. What if today was your last day? Have you lived enough?

Barry never took chances. Today he tried. Katherine was out of his league: beautiful, kind, well-travelled. What would she ever see in him?

Successful in his line of work, but sadly lacking in every other aspect of life. On his last day, he got his wish to be with Katherine. Only, fate bestowed a bittersweet irony upon him, forcing him to watch as she was mistreated by the one person he hated the most.

Unbeknown to them both, Barry would leave a mark on Katherine’s life that would impact generations of her family yet to come.

A tale of death, love, life and hope. And a different perspective on all the ‘what ifs’ lies within…

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