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Shelf joy

If you love tech, and you love books, read on!

I was asked this week (because I’m a prolific bookworm) to try out a new site for book lovers called Shelfjoy.  I’m willing to look at anything that encourages reading, so I gave it a go.

The best way I can describe Shelfjoy is that it’s like Spotify, but for books!  You can log in, sign up in seconds and find bookshelves and recommendations for reads to suit you. I used my Twitter account for the sign-up, the profile appeared magically, and I was ready to go!

You can create your own bookshelves and search and nose around other people’s bookshelves for inspiration.  If there’s a genre you like, you can search for that too!  How would you like to know what Bill Gates is reading? Or what the founders of Shelfjoy are recommending for you, or the trending hashtag this week? Easy! A few taps and you’re there.

The site is clean, with no annoying popups and easy to navigate.  The only drawback is that there is no app at the moment, but hopefully, that comes soon.  However, Shelfjoy does have a Fbook messenger bot who is very sweet and sends you a selection of easy to nose around bookshelves every day.

shelf joy review @duffythewriter

Most people scroll and browse on a phone or tablet screen, and I see this taking off with those who are on the daily commute or chilling on the couch looking for some inspiration for that next read.

Surely that’s far more fun and productive brain food than scrolling through mindless fake news on Facebook!

Sign up to Shelfjoy for free here and see for yourself. Leave your comments below once you’ve given it a crack and share this post with the bookworm in your life.