get your sh*t together review @duffythewriter

Get Your Sh*t together is the refreshing read.  But, as the book title demonstrates, if you don’t like swearing, do not pick up this book.

What did I think of Get Your Sh*t Together?

This book will shine a light on you and the reasons why you just aren’t getting it together and winning at life.  You need to be able to laugh at yourself and take a few sucker punches, but it’s worth it. Within these pages is some tough love, smart tips, and a healthy dollop of inspiration to get you organised and working towards your goals. It could be money troubles, it could be getting ahead in your dream job, or it could be that home renovation that seems to be sucking you dry with no end date. Anti-guru Sarah Knight, author of The Life-changing magic of not giving a f**k, gives real-life examples, and some hilarious pop culture references to get the message through loud and clear.

I felt a slight flush of shame as someone who is always losing and misplacing house keys, jewellery, and even my reading glasses.  I now have a little area to put all that stuff (i just can’t remember where that area is all the time) what can I say, I’m a work in progress!

A refreshing, smart, funny book which is actually helpful and delivers some solid tips to get you out of your rut.  Just don’t expect your ego to massaged, it will be broken down and rebuilt instead!

4 out of 5 from me, buy it now on Booktopia. Share this post with anyone you know who needs a bit of a nudge!

The Book Synopsis

Bestselling anti-guru, Sarah Knight, reveals how to stop whining and start winning!

Sarah Knight’s first book, internationally bestselling THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF NOT GIVING A F**K may have transformed your life. Now it’s time to take one further step along the road to mental declutterment; to stop whining and to start winning. In short, it’s time to GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER!

As someone who quit her job in corporate America, built a house in the Caribbean and moved there, Knight seriously has her sh*t together. Here, in her frank, forthright and downright hilarious fashion, she shares her tried-and-tested methods so that you can apply them to your own hopes and dreams. Once you’ve identified your goal, laid out your strategy and narrowed your focus, you’re ready to commit. Seriously, get your shit together!