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Who’s Afraid Too? I have to preface this review by saying I was HANGING for this sequel. Maria Lewis’s first book Who’s Afraid? was a fresh new look at the supernatural; bringing centuries-old myth, legend, and monsters, bang up to date with the introduction of a kick-ass blue haired young woman called Tommi Grayson, who, while looking to trace her past, found something far darker. Tommi was a werewolf.

So where does Who’s Afraid Too? pick up?

After the worst family reunion in history, Tommi takes a break from life. She needs to digest everything that has happened, but how long does she have before her past and her heritage catches up with her? People died, and her best friend Joss, who has terminal cancer, is being treated in a hospital in Berlin. What will Tommi’s next best move be?

We follow Tommi and her guardian, Lorcan, to Berlin to visit an ailing Joss. Berlin is a beautiful, pulsing city, yet a darkness is falling thick and fast. There is a stench of evil. Tommi will need to trust her instincts with friends and foes, both old and new to defeat the evil that lurks in Berlin.

Who's Afraid? Who's Afraid Too? Review @duffythewriter

What did I think?

So, you know The Godfather is an epic movie, but if you wanted to pick your favourite from the franchise, it would probably be The Godfather Part II. Well, that’s how I feel about Who’s’ Afraid Too? In the sequel, Tommi, the 23yr old Scot with Maori heritage and werewolf blood in her veins, begins to embrace her otherworldliness and werewolf smarts.

Tommi has kept her independence, and although trains daily like a Ninja, still likes to hold up the bar and do a few shots. Lorcan remains mysterious and indescribably handsome, while Heath is a welcome, mischievous, new character addition, along with a solid supporting cast of crazy vampires and werewolves.  To balance out a rather dark plotline, there is welcome relief with a smattering of sarcastic wit and one-liners,  I had a good chuckle at the ‘floor baby’ scene.

If you loved Who’s Afraid?, you’ll lap up (see what I did there?) Who’s Afraid Too? I’m officially a big fan of Maria Lewis and believe there are big things destined for this writer. Yes, I’m fangirling… Now go and buy the book!

4 out of 5: Modern, suspenseful, smart, funny, real and unreal at the same time.

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