@duffythewriter review monster trucks movie

The Monster Trucks movie is up against some big hitters.  Animations like Moana, Sing, and Trolls are pretty popular, and I wondered if it would be hard for the partly CGI’d movie to hold it’s own.  I went along to the family screening at  Hoyts at the Entertainment Quarter, and the place was crawling with hyped up kids who were all pumped to meet Creech on the big screen.  I was there for the ride with my superstar junior reporter eight-year-old Emir Yasemin and his parents.

How Will The Adults Find The Monster Trucks Movie?

Let’s be honest, this movie is not for us, but kids movies these days do tend to add the odd secret adult joke in there for us, just to keep it bearable and add some light relief.  This is missing from the Monster Trucks movie, which was a shame.  There are glaring potholes and cheesy lines abound, and it seems to have taken bits from ET, Gremlins, and The Goonies.  The high school sweetheart, Meridith, looks 27 years old and the actress (Jane Levy) had real trouble focussing on Creech and looked a bit vacant at times which was distracting.  Even Rob Lowe and a pleasant surprise appearance by a favourite of mine, Barry Pepper, couldn’t save this one for me.

How Will The Kids Find It?

Well, this is where my junior reporter Emir Yasemin comes in.  Here are his thoughts on the Monster Trucks movie, which are far more important than my own.

@duffythewriter monster trucks review

What did you think of the family screening day? Were there things to do?

I have noticed one activity which was colouring in and there was free drinks and popcorn.

Have you heard of Monster Trucks before seeing the movie?

Yes on commercials and I wanted to see this movie

What is Monster Trucks about?

A young man discovers a creature at his workplace, they become friends. A company wants to kill the creature and the young man tries to save him

What are the best bits?

The chase and the creature in the car

What would make Monster Trucks better?

More information about Creech more action and racing

Who should go and see Monster Trucks?

I’ve told my friends to watch this movie

What’s your score?

Eight out of ten.

Monster Trucks is in cinemas now rated PG.  A pleasant way to while away a Sunday arvo if you have a bunch of eight and under kids to entertain! Just don’t expect much for the adults.  Look out for more kids movie reviews from my star reporter in 2017!