allied movie

Allied opens in heady Casablanca in 1942, where intelligence officer Max Vaton (Brad Pitt) has been dispatched to execute a deadly mission. He has been assigned a partner, the stunning French resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard). They go deep undercover as a socially connected husband and wife, and the pretence soon turns into reality, but in a time where the pressures of war way heavy on everyone and suspicions are high, can they both survive?

Is Allied worth a watch on Boxing Day?

Yes! I went in with no expectations about the movie itself and relied on the A-list cast and the trailer. This film, as many other reviewers have mentioned is a definite nod to the iconic movie Casablanca. It’s stylish, smart and timeless. The sex-scene in the desert storm was a pretty hot one, so be ready for 60seconds of awkward if you take mum!

I was slightly perplexed by Brad Pitt’s line-free face, but it is a beautiful face nonetheless, and you can tell he is a fan of WW2 genre movies given his past portfolio of work. Marion Cotillard is stand-out for me and holds this film together nicely as you try and work out just who the beguiling Marianne Beausejour really is.

It may not be historically accurate, but it is a film with timeless grace, style, and a surprisingly brutal ending. Allied has all the ingredients of a great date movie. Style, class acting, tension, suspense, and Cotillard in that green satin dress. The trailer belies just how good this film is.

Out in Australian cinemas Boxing Day. Go see it.

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