cobwebs in the dark

Just when you thought you were rid of the psycho rockstar….

Cobwebs in the Dark is the third in Rachael Richey’sRock-Lit‘ Night Hawk series. The series focusses on the hard fought relationship of Abi and her husband Gideon, who just happens to be an international rock star. His band Nighthawk are reforming and going on tour. They plan on putting the scary events of Rhythm of Deceit (the second in the Nighthawk series) behind them and head to New Zealand to kick off the tour. It should be just what they need, except Abi has stuffed some major insecurities about being the partner of a good looking international rock star into her luggage.

Running parrallel to this story is a thread continued from Rhythm of Deceit about a secret found unearthed amongst the pages of a long forgotten diary in Abi’s parents attic. This story is told from the perspective of Natasha, the young teenage daughter of Abi and Gideon. Natasha is developing a narrative of her own in this book, and begins to open up and reveal the scars from her time in foster care when she was younger. The family may be getting away from one problem, but unwittingly heading straight into another dangerous situation.

It’s been a while since I read Storm Rising and Rhythm of Deceit and it was a pleasant surprise to instantly reconnect with the characters who all have the individual and memorable voices, although the suspense and plot I felt wasn’t quite as dramatic this time around. I welcomed the return of evil Simon, but I felt he had lost his edge a bit and the plot felt a little watered down. However Cobwebs In The Dark still had me reading at a fair pace to see how it all comes to a head. Maybe this was part of the plan with Richey’s writing; to have certain characters resigning themselves to the life ahead of them and who are visibly losing their edge, their looks, and their money.

Looking forward to reading the fourth in the series The Girl in the Painting and rounding out this rock family saga. You can easily read this book as a stand-alone as key plot points are summarised in the book, but it’s worth downloading the whole series to read on holiday, or on the daily commute to get the whole suspenseful story! Get great Kindle deals with Amazon

3 stars from me

A copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.


The Book Jacket

With NightHawk newly reformed and preparing for a world tour, Abi Hawk finds herself unaccountably insecure about the attention her husband Gideon, the band’s frontman, will receive from groupies. In New Zealand for the first leg of the tour and a visit with Gideon’s sister, they are faced with a new problem. An outrageous claim pushes Abi’s insecurities to new heights, and it takes all their resolve to stick together and sort it out.

Meanwhile their daughter Natasha goes on an adventure of her own, one that places her in danger from an old adversary, forcing Abi and Gideon to summon all their combined strengths to rescue her.