The Troubles Keeper

If you could take away people’s troubles, would you?

The Troubles Keeper. Rory Fine is a bus driver with a secret. He has the power to take away people’s troubles with a simple touch. People who are sad, stressed, or under pressure, are left with a weight lifted and a smile as they leave the bus and head on their way to their own lives after a handshake with small town character Rory. But what happens when a darkness gets on the bus, something so dark and sinister it could destroy many lives, or even worse…

I love Susan May’s writing. It’s like a friend is telling you a story; except the story is dark, graphic and so suspenseful it stays with you long after the lights go out. The Troubles Keeper has a great plot and a few twists to keep you interested all the way to the end and as with all of Susan May’s main characters, you are right behind them from the get go. There are some scenes which are pretty dark, so if you’re squeamish, you should still buy the book, just skim these scenes, otherwise you will have nightmares for weeks!

If you loved David Mitchell’s Slade House then you will thoroughly enjoy this suspenseful, creepy, supernatural bus ride with Rory Fine.

The Troubles Keeper will be released in September.  Visit to reserve your copy!

The Book Jacket

Bus driver Rory Fine has a gift. He can take troubles from others with merely a touch.

On a rain-swept night, he asks his glum passengers to leave their worrisome emotions in his palm. But when he touches one person’s hand everything he knows about trouble keeping is shattered. Somebody aboard hides a deadly and dangerous secret.

Can Rory stop the Trepan Killer before he loses all? To do so, he must face more than the killer. He must face his own harrowing past …