Dearly beloved we are gathered here today… A review of Purple Reign

purple reign
This is a biography about Prince; Introvert, genius, sexy, ruthless and a visionary. He is deeply missed by his fans after his untimely passing on 21 April 2016 and the musicians who worked with him, hated him, respected him and emulate him feel the loss too.

Purple Reign is a detailed biography by Mick Wall who is an accomplished music journalist and biographer.  The book outlines in chronological order his record deals, albums, his bands and projects such as The Time and NPG covering all the incarnations and solo projects and proteges in-between.

My favourite Prince… Funky, Sexy Prince 

This is a serious music biography and there is nothing salicious to read here. Purple Reign is a respectful biography written by a stellar music journalist. The revelation to me was that by reading Prince’s musical history, his professional decisions, his rare flops and bomb movies right up to the soaring highest of highs, I felt I understood the person behind the white frills and cuban heels a little more.  The music, the decisions, the professional relationships he had shines a light on the enigmatic star. This is a guy that changed the music scene, played all kinds of instruments on his albums, worked his band like dogs at times and refused to compromise, even when it harmed his own public image.  I know more about Prince the person and artist from reading Purple Reign than any tabloid fodder or unauthorised book.  It’s the closest you will get to understanding the legend that is Prince.

It’s a great piece of music journalism about the introverted, complicated God of creativity of my generation.

A must buy for any music fan or creative.