This quick and easy to read guide is written by an expert. Is Paddy-Joe Moran a psychiatrist? An academic professional in Autism and Aspergers? No. Paddy-Joe has Autism, and this is his 35 step guide aimed at the healthcare system to help them communicate better with people on the Autism and Aspergers spectrum.

Don’t be put off by the book jacket which says this book is aimed at professionals. Yes, Paddy-Joe writes directly to the nurses, doctors and counsellors from whom he drew his experiences, but this guide is interesting and no doubt helpful to those who communicate with Autism, or Aspergers sufferers daily.

I have a few people in my world who I would consider on the Autism spectrum and I found a couple of really valuable tips in this book. For example, people on the spectrum often don’t understand sarcasm. Being a bit of an English smart-arse sarcasm is part of my daily language and I often do it subconsciously, so I will be more aware of how I speak. Taking things literally is also a common trait, so again, when I’m trying to be comical or make a pun or joke I will think first how it may be interpreted.

There are many other valuable tips here, all written in a very clear, direct style. If I had one tiny criticism it would be that the pages can feel a little ‘do this, don’t do that’ without any chance for balance, or inner conversation and reflection to happen while reading this book. This could have been fixed with some stronger editing, however I think this was left so that Paddy-Joe’s voice could be heard in the pages.

If you know anyone who suffers from Autism, or Aspergers, however mild, downloading this book will help you out greatly.

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3 out of 5 from me.


The Book Jacket

Covering verbal and non-verbal communication, Paddy-Joe Moran presents 35 simple tips and strategies to help professionals improve their communication and relationships with individuals on the autism spectrum. The language that professionals choose to use can have a long-term impact on autistic people. This book provides easy-to implement suggestions to guarantee effective and sensitive communication. It explains everything from person-first language through to the use of specific, rather than open-ended, questions, and a focus on taking the individual’s lead with their preferred language and terminology is central to the book.

About the Author

Paddy-Joe Moran was diagnosed with autism when he was eight. He is a writer and blogger and runs the online advice service Ask-Pergers?. Paddy-Joe co-authoredHelping Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions through Everyday Transitions and Create a Reward Plan for your Child with Asperger Syndrome, both published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. He is based in Manchester, UK.