Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada – By Jimmy Fallon

your baby's first word will be dada

Ok. I admit it. I am only reviewing this book because it is written by Jimmy Fallon. I was just intrigued that one of the world’s most well-known talk show hosts had written a (very young) children’s book. Now, on the one hand, one might think that Jimmy could have written any book and people would buy it……certainly he has copped some flak (generally from adult critics trying to make sense of the book when there is not meant to be any sense to it), for example:

But after listening to Jimmy talk about the book and his two daughters, I think Jimmy should be cut a bit of slack…….

…..if only because I am a Dada too! And whilst I was just happy when my kids said anything, Jimmy deserves respect for perhaps doing more than anyone else to get babies around the world to say DADA.

Your baby's first word will be dada

Anyway, in true Tonight Show style, here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy this book:

10. In a complex world, this is a simple book with a simple message: DADA!
9. Because it is great for Dads to get all the attention sometimes! Mum doesn’t get a mention at all!
8. Because you can never introduce your children to books too soon! You could even introduce baby to the animal noises (and DADA of course) whilst still in the womb. Think how excited baby will be to see the great pictures (and DADA) when they pop out!
7. If you want to just chill out for a few moments with your baby (whether you are a MAMA or a DADA), this is just the book!
6. The soft copy of the book has big pages which your kid can rip out and stick on the wall or just rip to pieces………. You can see this kid is keen to rip up his book but DADA has been very clever and bought him a hard copy:

5. Because there are so few words in the book (there are only 40…….and most of them are animal noises), you can ad lib a lot. Even Jimmy finds it hard just to stick to the script:


4. If you loved animals as a kid, this book is great revision. They are all in there……….Moo, Quack, Meow, Oink…..the biggies……
3. It makes almost as much sense read back to front as front to back. If junior is awake when you arrive home from your work Christmas party, this is just the book to read him!
2. Because you always wanted to know what sound a rabbit makes…..

And finally…….drum roll…….

1. If you are a gay couple with a baby, this is a book for the whole family!

Thank you Mr B! We look forward with much anticipation to your next review!

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