how to spot a hipster

How To Spot A Hipster by Jeremy Cassar is a little hardback guide about the sub-culture that thinks it’s cool, arty, quirky and completely individual, but is in-fact VERY mainstream. The hipsters are taking over!


The illustrations by Carla McCrae are very cute and the guide takes a very gentle poke of fun at the life of a hipster. From their habitats, to what they should have in their apartment and how they dress. Did you know there are even sub-species of hipster?


How To Spot A Hipster will open you up to their beard, fixie and kale filled world.

A perfect little gift for a work colleague, mate, or the hipster in your life!

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Book Blurb for How To Spot a Hipster

Spotting the modern hipster used to be simple — a guy you wouldn’t expect to have a beard had a beard. Over recent years the line between hipster and everyday human has blurred beyond recognition, so it’s understandable if you’ve grown confused. Don’t worry-How To Spot A Hipster is here to help.

Think your best friend might be a hipster? Are they holding a mason jar in one hand and a limited edition Johnny Cash LP in the other? Are you concerned that, in fact, you’re a hipster? Judging by your grocery list and iTunes library— it might be too late for you.

How To Spot A Hipster serves up the most organic hipster recipe, breaking down the ingredients into easily digestible chunks of well-legit information. Fixie-bike riding from grooming to fashion, and to all extents of the hipster lifestyle, this comprehensive cornucopia of content will ensure you never again use the h-word without complete confidence. –