I had zero expectations about this movie, I daren’t look at any reviews or blogs as I wanted to go in with an open mind. The first thing I noticed was a giant B movie cartoon style slide with a naked zombie woman front and centre. What had I got myself into?..


The plot centres around three teenage boys who are the only scouts in the town. Augie, one of the boys, loves the scouts and the other two have been trying to leave and re-establish themselves as the cool kids. Whilst on a camp out, a deadly zombie virus breaks out and it seems these hapless teen scouts are the town’s only hope from the zombie terror.


This film is gory, crude, juvenille, fast paced and I found it very VERY funny. To me it was a mashup of Superbad and Night Of The Living Dead. I had fun watching this movie and the relatively unknown actors did a stand-up job.

I have no doubt this will become a sleeper hit.

3 stars from me (even though the trampoline scene nearly made me vomit)

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