Paranormal Activity – The Ghost Dimension 3D is better than you think, but ONLY if you go into the cinema leaving your cynical movie critic hat at home and don’t expect a full 3D movie. If you go in instead looking to be scared and have a bit of a laugh, you are in for a cracking night at the movies.

The movie sticks to the same formula as the rest of the franchise, but this time centres around two brothers who discover a stack of old movie tapes and a weird video camera in their garage which unleashes the well paced scares and slowly reveals the plotline. I liked these brothers; they were funny and relatable, which was refreshing compared to past movies where I really couldn’t care what happened to victims of ‘The Activity’. As with all good scary movies though, there is a terrifying creepy child, a lot of darkness and a priest to perform a dramatic excorcism. It’s all good scary fun and I found myself jumping out of my skin more than a few times.

This Paranormal Activity is billed as the one that reveals ‘The Activity’. It does, and it let me down a little to be honest, but there are still more questions and twenty more spin-offs to the franchise in the pipeline i’m sure! The ends are not all tied up, which I found a shame, but the moneymakers will still make bank with this franchise and so I don’t think it will be gone forever.

Ultimately this movie is like choosing to go on a rollercoaster ride at a theme park. You strap yourself in, knowing you will be scared and scream, then laugh at the silliness of it all with your mates afterwards.

The critics will tear this movie to shreds, but at least it doesn’t try and pretend to be anything else. So make it a mid-week guilty pleasure this week and have a bit of frightening fun!

Paranormal Activity – The Ghost Dimension is out now..


2.5 stars from me