Malala Yousafzai was a campaigner for the right for all girls to get an education. Malala was from Swat in Pakistan. Malala was 14. Malala was shot in the left side of her forehead by a member of the Taliban. Malala didn’t die.


He Named Me Malala has it’s moments of soaring inspiration and also, real, ordinary life. This young woman isn’t a campaigner 24/7. She has school, homework and family duties which are all shown quite candidly in this documentary; we even learn  her love for the cricketer Shane Watson. There also moments of stunning animation which breaks up the documentary and is woven into an ancient fable. This takes the sting out of the shocking facts of Taliban rule; but not the heart, soul and fear of those who live it.

Malala’s father intrigued me the most. He seemed a good man, with a very good heart, but I wonder if he carries the burden of creating ‘Malala’ and bringing to his daughter the bullet which didn’t kill, but certainly damaged and the threat which still shadows his family.

I hope this documentary gains the traction and audience it deserves. Share this post in your timelines and keep the right for all girls to an education in the news, on the top of timelines and in conversation.

In cinemas November 12

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