Rhythm of Deceit is the second in Rachael Richey’s Nighthawk series.

Rock star Gideon and his star crossed Abi have finally settled into married life. Everything is calm, but never for long if you are a member of the Hawk family! Abi discovers the truth about her mother buried in an old suitcase in her father’s attic and this extremely strong story is interwoven with the sequel to Storm Rising; It’s full of suspense, jealousy, misunderstandings, tragedy, skeletons and secrets.

If you saw my review of Storm Rising you may have noticed my hope to know more about a side character. This wish was granted by the book fairies and it was fab! Rachael builds the tension with each chapter and the flashback story of Abi’s mother really held it’s own against the suspense. There were one or two times I thought ‘Would a global rock star really do that?’ ‘Is there really a person on earth that sweet and supportive all the time?’,or ‘Wouldn’t you just call your security guy or the cops?’ but never let the facts get in the way of a good story I guess!

You know what’s coming around the corner at times, but the clever writing gives you pace and suspense just the same. This is all underpinned by good character writing. If you care about them, even if you know what’s coming, you pay attention.

Cannot wait to read Cobwebs In The Dark which I hear is coming soon as the next instalment of the Nighthawk series. I am invested in this family.

3.5 stars from me – Loved the extra suspense and the chance for side characters to shine.

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