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Deadly Messengers opens right in the middle of a massacre at a cafe. The lone killer stalks his way through, extinguishing lives with an axe. A horrific, gory tragedy, which becomes more disturbing when another mass murder happens not long after in a nursing home; then another at a family gathering, all in the same small town. Why are all of these seemingly ‘normal’ people snapping and killing innocents? What is driving them?

Kendell Jennings then appears in the pages. She is a freelance writer who usually pumps out fluff pieces on health and wellbeing and ends up doing some investigative pieces to pay the rent. She hates blood and gore and is pretty rubbish when ‘acting’ like she’s a hard-nosed hack. This is where Kendell’s path crosses with Tripp and O’Grady, the detectives dealing with these shocking murders, and it’s here the rollercoaster begins.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Deadly Messengers

Reading a book in one sitting is a rare occurrence for me and means I was hooked well and truly. The interesting take on the lengths people go to be heard meant that even the evil guys had good points to make. This is not your usual Cop solves a murder whodunnit. The sense of pace and tension is well balanced and the details of crucial scenes placed me in those dark, heart-stopping moments, tripping over the words at times to race through and see who did/didn’t make it.


Yes, I guessed the evil before it was revealed, although the reveal is pretty early on and I believe that Susan May did this so that the reader could get right under the skin of all the main characters. This worked a treat. A thriller which has a message, whether intended to or not; which will leave you thinking long and hard after closing the last page.

I ignore the tabloids and hot air of politicians. I prefer instead to devour documentaries, books and blogs searching for grains of truth that may never be found. Deadly Messengers sparked that interest in me. Am I a crackpot? No. Am I a radical? No. I’ve never been to a protest in my life, but I love any book, fiction, or otherwise, that gets you thinking ‘what if’ and ignites a healthy, charged discussion.

Thrilling, tense, interesting and topical. If you like your thrillers with meat on their bones get into Deadly Messengers.

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4.5stars out of 5  (the extra .5 for Mark Ruffalo references!)

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deadly messengers susan may


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