I have A LOT going on in my life. I work full time, review books and movies, have a copywriting business and have just launched an online clothing business with my sister. Time is poor, and some days I feel i’m not getting anywhere; meetings go on far too long without conclusion or resolution, the week rushes by without me so much as turning a page, the fish tank looks green and I work late into the night writing and blogging.

My problem isn’t really a problem. I choose to create the chaos; I thrive on words, relationships, challenges, laughs, books, banter and wine, but when it all feels like it’s too much and anxiety creeps out from under the bed, I falter and realise I need to simplify things just a little bit.

Simple Rules offers just that, some examples and tips on how to make the path a little smoother. It isn’t your average self help book, It isn’t until the last chapter the focus shifts to really ask what you are doing, instead it’s speckled with all sorts of really interesting examples and stories. The tale of the honey bee, how The White Stripes pulled together one of the best selling albums of the last decade in just ten days, the simple rules for becoming a gun sports commentator, and how the Roomba was designed using really simple parameters to become the biggest selling vacuum in the world.


There is something here for anyone who feels they need some clarity and control back in their lives. There are lots of business examples, but it is balanced with personal topics such as tips on how to control the onset of depression and anxiety. The down side is probably the last third of the book where I felt there was a little too much advertising for YPO (Young Presidents Organisation). Alot of the book is anecdotal from the work that the pair of authors had done with the organisation, but at times I looked down at the page to see shouty YPO caps popping out of every paragraph.

That aside, this book is worth a read and I will certainly be simplifying my week, and hopefully life ahead by cutting out the white noise, the meetings with no agendas and the writing jobs which take far too much time for little reward.

A solid 3.5 out of 5 from me (which may go up up to 5 if I find I get some life back!)

Thank you Hachette Australia for this book for review.

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