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Purchase Changing Stations at Audible.com

I was asked to give an honest review in exchange for listening to Changing Stations by H.P. Shorelowe. The tough thing about being given books to read and listen to, is that sometimes, they just don’t work for me. What do I do? Do I pretend it was great? Or do I give an honest critique.

This is an occasion for a truth bomb or two. Firstly, I want to pre-empt this review by saying that I would rather go to a Nickleback concert, than to read 50 Shades of Grey. So, I really am not the demographic for a self published erotic novella. However, I thought I would try something new, as I have been completely turned around to Sci-Fi with Meet Bill, an audio book I was given to read a little while ago.

The book is set in the early 1900’s and follows the sordid tales of Lord Henry Waynewright in his endeavours to save a group of people from a terrible train wreck. As the group struggles to survive in the snow and wilderness, it becomes clear that someone, does not want them to escape.

This is a book, I would guess, written by a man, for a man. The female characters are devoid of brain and character, seemingly more interested in boning Lord Waynewright and being turned on by a stash of chocolate found in luggage, rather than staying alive. The character of Lord Waynewright is really quite annoying. The accent and voice changes by chapter three, which I found distracting and the mental image I gathered from the first chapter was of Sid James from the 1960’s Carry On Movies. Once that was locked in, I couldn’t shake it unfortunately.

I understand this is fantasy, but once panto takes over, sexy disappears. I will be looking at the other reviews to see what people think. I could be the ‘one’ who just didn’t get it. I hope for the authors sake I am.

1 out of 5 from me (purely for re-igniting my memories of the Carry On Films)