freshen up

I have been so busy working on other people’s websites and blogs, that I let my own blog get a little out of control.  Well, after many hours of re-learning how to manage my WordPress site I have given it a good old spring clean!

New things you will notice:-

  • My Goodreads posts now appear on the right hand side of the front page
  • Move reviews are now on the front page as my movie review gig takes off!
  • Book reviews were growing out of control, it startled me to see how many books I have been reading and reviewing, so I have created a drop down menu.  New reviews will still appear on the front page with a drop down menu under the section so you can look at genres you like (although it can be a pleasant surprise to try something new now and again).

I’ve also made it a little easier to browse and surf through my old posts, I hope you enjoy having a nose around my bookworm world here at

P.s. It makes me happy when people like, share and comment (nice things about books and movies of course!)

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