A personal tale of teaching in Namibia.

Wes Weston approached me to read and review Watermelon is Life and I’m glad he did, otherwise I never would have found it. I usually stick to fiction and shy away from autobiographical books, but this was a colourful, fun and easy read.

Educators and travellers will love this bite size (180 pages) personal snapshot of life as a Westerner working as a teacher in a Namibian School. The prose is very personal and chatty, more like an un-edited diary entry than a book. Wes’s tale is speckled with humour and detailed situations which demonstrate the cultural and social differences between Wes and his new friends, colleagues and students.

An interesting personal insight into teaching and being an outsider in a close knit community.

I did try and read this on my kindle app for iPhone but it wasn’t mobile friendly, although worked fine on my Kindle App for iPad.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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