4 out out of 5 stars – Opens 26th March

I was lucky enough to be given a cracker of a movie for my first leap into movie blogging!

Infinitely Polar Bear is an autobiographical movie about a married father of two young daughters who has Bi-Polar disorder. In the late 70’s little was known about Bi-Polar and we see how Maggie Stuart (Zoe Saldana) copes with her husband’s manic and depressive episodes whilst striving for a better life for her family to enable them all to escape their rundown, rented apartment and hand to mouth living.

We see Cam (Mark Ruffalo) through his ultimate highs and soul crushing lows. Cam can be a happy, chatty, friendly, relatable and reliable person when his is up. The danger is he can go ‘manic’ where all hell breaks loose followed by days of darkness, recoiling into his own bleak world. Infinitely Polar Bear shows how their fathers behaviour affects his young daughters Amelia and Faith as they take the ride with him when he becomes their main carer so Maggie can go to business school in New York.

The tender moments between father and daughter will melt the coldest of hearts and the colourful, truthful conversations will raise plenty of smiles. This is a special little film and rightly deserves the reviews thus far and the praise from Sundance. I hope it gains traction and doesn’t become a ‘lost treasure’.

Funny, insightful and respectful, without wallowing in guilt or self pity.

In Cinemas from March 26th

Thank you to @iconfilms for the chance to see this movie in exchange for an honest review. Visit the unconventional Stuart family from March 26th and share this post with quirky family members and their ‘polar bears’.