After reading the debut novel Hades, I was excited to read the next instalment and relished the chance to delve a little deeper into the minds and lives of Hades and his dark daughter Eden.

Eden did not disappoint and I picked up right where I left off. Immediately I was right back in the grotty underworld of Sydney’s streets with Frank, Eden’s partner, who is inescapably entwined with the Archer family since the events of the last book. He is in a strange, co-dependent relationship with Eden, he loves her, is intrigued by her and is captured by her beauty, yet wonders if at any moment he could become unwanted and another soul crushed and abandoned into the Utulla tip.

The story of Hades childhood is graphic, bloody, and heartbreaking. A ghost of a boy who is moulded by violence, crime and is exposed to the very worst of the human condition. Hades is saved by Bear, the ‘father’ of the young boy and history then repeats itself when Hades makes the decision to save the twins and so the cycle continues. At times the darkness and violence can be hard to read, particularly the dog fighting (even for someone who loves thrillers) so if you have a weak stomach for violence, this book may give you nightmares for weeks.

As for Eden, we slowly understand more about her and how she continues to keep Sydney clean in her own Dexter-esque way. I was expecting to read a little more about Eden, given the title of the book, but Hades story is so strong and with two parallel plots in the book and a cliffhanger ending, I really didn’t have time to notice too much.

Another cracking novel from Candice and I can’t wait for the next read!

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