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I was flattered when Rowena Holloway contacted me and asked me to review her book, Pieces of a Lie. After the initial flattery, I did (which is quite usual for me) become a little panicky. What if the book wasn’t for me? How would I deliver an honest review? The only way to find out was to turn that first page and get stuck in.

Mina is a character doing it tough. She is headline gossip for most of the residents of the small Australian town of Faillee. Twelve years ago, when she was just a little girl, her father ran off with a truck load of the townsfolk’s money, leaving her alone, ostracised and to care for an ailing, heartbroken mother.

Alyssa, Minas mother, finally succumbs to MS and Mina resolves to stick it out in the small town, win back the family reputation and branch out into the secretive world of antique dealing. Her fledgling business, however, is not doing great, she is yet to open her store and bills are piling up. Mina’s story then takes a sharp turn the moment she walks into a little known pawn shop and sees something she thought was buried deep in her past.

The first few chapters had me and I was ‘in’. The suspense starts quickly and I was ready for the ride. As I hit the end of the first quarter of the book however, I did find myself easily distracted and I lost thread of the characters a little, however after a very minor bump, I found my groove again as the story really picked up in pace with twists, turns and a few surprises which kept my head firmly in the book until the last page.

Flickr – Christine Cowen

I found the characters of Forbes, Linc, Spirit and Slab strong, interesting and underpinned the entire plot. I found myself wondering what the real story was behind Slab and think a prequel to his life would be a thriller and a half! As for Mina, I found myself rooting for her, but not necessarily liking her all of the time. She took time to grow on me which gave her character a ‘realness’ and her relationship with her dog, Spirit, was intriguing.

A solid 3.5 stars from me and I recommend to anyone who wants a thriller read and a book to get stuck into when avoiding the family or wanting a time out over the festive season!

I can’t wait to read Rowena’s next book in 2015

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