Imagine being able to turn back time. Not in a ‘Cher’ type way by straddling a torpedo in a slither of lycra and a giant 80’s perm, but in a very real way. If you could slip back through time with the possibility of stopping a tragic event or accident, would you want the power and would you want to go?

Dawn doesn’t have the luxury of when the ‘slips’ happen. Since childhood, she has experienced loss of time at random moments in her life, which no amount of medication, meditation or psychologists could ever really get to the bottom of. Being able to manage it and cover it up as much as possible has got her through the years and to where she is today. A single mum to her adorable 10 year old son Tommy, a boring part-time job and an arsehole of an ex-husband.

Tragedy strikes one afternoon outside Tommy’s music class and within a few seconds, due to a silly mistake, a cruel twist of fate snatches the life of little Tommy. In a dense fog of grief and despair, Dawn vows to ‘slip’ back and save her son. The problem is she has no idea how to control the slips, or how they work, but she is willing to try anything. Could you relive the loss of your son every day? Would you go through those harrowing moments time after time in the hope of saving him?

Back Again started life as a short story which has been expanded into an incredible suspense novel. It’s a fast paced read which keeps you thinking, feeling and guessing all the time. The characters, particularly Kylie, Tommy and Dawn are so detailed, you get a real sense of them and at times Dawn’s grief was almost too heart-wrenching to read. A clever, unique book, which somehow makes the possibility of time travel a very real one.

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Four our of five stars from me!