The Hoff ( The legend David Hasslehoff) makes up part of the funny, smooth and witty supporting cast of characters in Ellie O’Neil’s first book, Reluctantly Charmed.  I was lucky enough to ask Ellie a question about the book as part of the blog tour, so of course I asked her what a night out with The Hoff might be like!


‘If you had a chance of a night out with The Hoff where would you take him?’

Ellie O’Neill


HA! This question made me laugh. The Hoff is a legend. I think in all seriousness, if I ever got a chance to meet him in person I’d crumble. I’d lose any inch of cool I thought I’d ever had. I’d be a dribbling, shaking mess, overcome by a nervous rash. I doubt very much I’d be able to speak, maybe with God on my side I might squeak out a ‘Hello’ but it’s unlikely.


                                                                                                    ‘ What a man!’

But in some alternative universe where I am cool and able to meet celebrity legends and act normal, a night out with The Hoff would be a dream come true. First off, because this is a fictitious situation (so anything is possible right?) I would get him to pick me up in KIT. Full knight rider gear, leather jacket and big hair, he’d roll up to my house with the Knight Rider theme tune playing loudly (I have it as my ring tone – did somebody say crazy stalker?)I’d just slide on into KIT who would greet me with some witticism. The Hoff would let me drive and we’d go cruising for trouble (He’d have to take over for any parallel parking situations) I’d ask him lots of questions about his career, there’s very little he hasn’t done, and he always seems so nice so I think we’d probably have a good chat. I would really love for us to whizz on over to Berlin (I’m making this up right?) and have a dance with him, re-inacting that epic moment where he danced and sang as the Berlin wall came crumbling down. Then we’d hit a karaoke bar, and go for it. I mean really go for it. I’d duet with him on his hits, there are many of them, and then I’d like to see him freestyle with some old school 90’s rap, I’m thinking Salt and Peppa.

After the karaoke we’d be a little bit hoarse, so I’d bring him back to my house for some ice cream and to meet my crazy family and a few select friends (you couldn’t just introduce him to anyone, I’d have to be very choosy) And maybe we’d swap a few stories, and I’m pretty sure my Dad would consider him one of the family, and invite him to Ireland to stay with all manner of extended relatives.

We’d have a good time.

Reluctantly Charmed is out now!
Book kindly provided for review by Simon & Schuster

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