Kick was abducted when she was six, from her front yard, by a senior member of a paedophile ring. She did what she was told and learnt what she could, until she was found by Detective Frank six years later. He found her in a secluded home, off a main street, complete with its own custom made basement full of cameras and twisted darkness.

We join Kick ten years after her news breaking rescue from the clutches of her ‘second’ parents. The TV, the books, the speculation and the anniversary cable specials still follow her as she leads a solitary life revolving around her fitness, martial arts, boxing, shooting and her two greatest loves. Her brother James and her faithful companion Monster.

When an intruder breaks into her apartment, the ride begins, the thrilling, terrifying, heartbreaking ride to save two missing children, and herself.

I started reading this book at 4.30pm one Sunday afternoon and in between some Twitter breaks, finished at 2am. I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t leave Kick on her own. This book is an instant thriller, you are immediately delivered into Kicks blurry, complicated, jumbled life of rare, heartwarming good and the fingers of ice cold evil on a child’s heart. If you think this book may be too hard to read, or indulge in the subject matter, think again, her terror is handled respectfully. One Kick is about what happens after.

So well written, I felt we were truly experiencing Kicks life, muddled with blind spots and faded memories, blocked out because they are too horrific to release into the light. They are best kept in the box. In the dark.


The pace of the book is intense. The only time I have ever felt such fast paced action was while watching the first ‘Taken’ movie. Which sounds bizarre but trust me. Within minutes you are buckled in and heading into a thriller you won’t escape from until the last page.

One Kick is by far one of the the best books I have read this year. Clever, intense, raw and a day later I’m still processing Kick’s story and trying to imagine the conclusions to loose ends left to be tied up.

I hope to meet Kick and James again. I hope they are ok.