I have been feeling a little out of sorts.  A bit flat, fat, sluggish and lazy.  I wasn’t sure if it was the change of seasons or maybe the dreaded cold and flu bugs were trying to get me!  What I really needed was a boost, but my daily vitamin pills just weren’t cutting it, so I spoke to my good friend and client Lian Monley who hooked me up with a free, fabulous BodiPlus Green boost!  Six tasty juices freshly squeezed and not watered down.  Kale, spinach, lemon and other green goodness filled my body every couple of hours and I didn’t even feel hungry!


The next day I felt so much better, a mini boost,  a mini cleanse of my insides and the coldsore I felt tingling under my skin didn’t turn into the usual Mount Vesuvius. This week will be a far more productive writing week and I feel I gave the looming winter cold a big swerve!

If you are feeling a bit sloth like and hiding under the blankets, get a bit of green goodness into you (without resorting to sleeping with the hulk!)

The Incredible Hulk

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