From the archives… Because I have writers block and can’t think of anything new right now!


There are plenty of tips out there to advise you of what to do when you have writers block. Having had it since New Year, (which is extremely frustrating as this was meant to be my week of writing something extraordinary) I thought I would share with you what you should absolutely, positively should NOT do…

1. Watch back to back Episodes one through to twelve of True Blood Season 3 and convince yourself that something this hot and creative is bound to give you inspiration. All twelve episodes are necessary.
2. Cock-about for half an hour trying to get a pen that has obviously run out, to work.
3. Search for a further half hour for the perfect replacement pen that writes just like the old one did.
4. When supposedly looking on the internet for research topics purchase two tops and a pair of shoes.
5. Walk to the shops for groceries that you don’t need, spend almost 20 minutes feeling up the various loaves of bread to find the freshest and softest. It’s very important and my right as a customer.
6. Return from the store and search for cultural references for your book about the ancient city of Varanasi from the cast of Jersey Shore.
7. At 4pm decide that the clock is ticking and you really should be planning dinner which is at 7pm.
8. Return to the store for vital groceries that you forgot the first time.
9. Drink four glasses of wine whilst watching the cooking channel for dinner ideas. Decide you are just as good as Gordon Ramsay and attempt to shave wafer thin garlic with razor blade.
10. Return to the store for band-aids.

But wait there is a method to my madness, this ridiculous waste of a whole day has finally got me to put pen (even though it’s not as good as the first one) to paper! It may not be my best work but it’s happened finally!
Any bad writers block days to share?