My Dad is my best good friend.  We are mates.  We banter and have a beer at the pub and talk about whats happening in the world.   We do not talk about our feelings and we do not talk about our relationships.  I think thats why we stay great mates!

I bought him a book called My Dad and he had to fill it out and leave it with me to read.  It asks lots of questions about his children, his own upbringing and the values he holds dear which are questions I have never asked.  He completed the book in March and it is now May, only last night did I feel ready to open up the book and learn about my Dad.



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Two things struck me.  The first was that my Dads happiest childhood memories were exactly as my own.  He and my mum re-created those memories for us kids.  Days down at the coast eating fish and chips when it was really far too cold to sit out, and days at the Epsom Derby watching the horseracing and enjoying the Fun Fair.  All days and events that he looked back on fondly.  I appreciate that they passed on to us what made him so happy as a kid.  The second was re-confirming what I already knew but loved seeing written down.  That Dad (and mum) have unconditional love for me.

I cried for about an hour afterwards like a big girl which will not be a suprise to all who know me!  But I would recommend this book to anyone, to any father and daughter who are mates but don’t really talk about the big stuff or know what makes each other tick.  You may be suprised at what you read, and the scary thing is you will probably realise that you are not that different at all.