Today is International Women’s Day and I thought I would share some tips to the women of the world.  Have any tips to share? Post them here!

1) This tip is number one for a reason.  Get a fringe, it will change your life.


2) You don’t need to become a ballbreaking, masculine dragon to be successful.  Keep your femininity, but keep your smarts and principles too.

3) If you are in two minds to text a guy, don’t, it will end in tears.

4) Crocs are never ok.  Never ever ok.


5)  Tights are NOT pants!  Ladies we can see your gnarly knickers through the thin fabric in the  sunshine and passers by snigger and point at you.  A camel toe is not a positive fashion statement, and if you have a friend that wears tights as pants you must MUST tell your fellow woman friend, she needs saving from herself!


6) Having a bad day?  Get a haircut, put on some cherry lipgloss, have a manicure and remind yourself how lovely you are.

7) Catch up with a mate you haven’t seen for ages, she might need a chat.