Duffy is heading back to the UK for a couple of weeks.  Cannot wait to see my family and to commemorate my return I would like to re-share an old post of mine about my Dad and one of his visits to Sydney.  See you soon Pops!


We both rose un-naturally early for a Sunday.  Meeting awkwardly in the living room to tie our shoes and gather our bags. Joined in the mutual pretence the day was like any other.

Today was to be my Dads last day in Sydney, I hadn’t seen him for 2 years and had spent the last 5 weeks showing him around the city I have fallen in love with.

This morning though, the sun usually warming my face like a comforter, didn’t feel so welcoming.  We hopped in the car driving from Kirribilli to Manly.  Chatting about mundane things, pointing out beautiful homes and singing to Aussie rock on the radio. Today was about the present and savouring every second.

Arriving in Manly the anxious knot in my stomach subsided.  We strolled down to the beach, filled with sunbaked bodies buzzing with chatter, happy faces, and excitable dogs.  Little nippers learning the rules of the sea, being watched by mothers sipping lattes and admiring each other’s latest all-terrain 3 wheeled  strollers.

Winding our way up to Shelley beach we looked out to the sea, sparkles darting off of waves, the air was salty, and the smell of sausage sizzle filled our noses.  Looking down, the nippers scattered towards the water like ants under a magnifying glass.  Their tiny giggles carrying through the air.

Dad was mesmerised by the snorkelers at Shelley. The snorkelers dove and rose, flippers and bright goggles appearing then disappearing.  “Almost look like dolphins out there don’t they dad?” I said while he snapped away with his camera.  It was like he wanted to collect and save every moment, and a little bit of my heart broke with every click of the shutter, I didn’t want him to leave me.

We took a stroll back through the bustling corso, friendly waiters beckoning us outside their cafes for brunch, but we knew where we were heading.  The smell drew us in. Warm, sickly sweet Belgian waffles, a treat for us both. Special.

The decadent waffle brunch arrived and looked just like they did on the menu.  The mix of hot waffles, cold vanilla ice cream and warm caramel syrup sliding down awakened our tastebuds. The sugar hit kicking in as we chatted about wonderful things we had done together and Dads plans to come back soon. We laughed and giggled, it was one of those perfect moments you will never re-create and will stay forefront of your memories for a lifetime.

Time ran through our fingers and way too soon it was time to go.  My heart broke again, that sinking feeling we all know, but at least Dad now knew why I lived here and why I never wanted to leave. As he hugged me goodbye, his voice breaking he said “I can see know why this is home for you”. That reassurance was all I needed.

The Belgian waffles place has since closed down.  Which is cool as not sure I could have gone back in there anyway….

Pops – Models himself on Homer J Simpson