After my Christmas break I am back and coming soon with a new book review through NetGalley.

Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza looks an interesting read.  Do you think your parents are complete whack jobs?  That circumstances which have occurred in your life and genetics have you hardwired a certain way and unable to change?

I’m sure we have all thought at some point in our lives that there are parts of our personalities and behaviours which could be better.  Through neuroscience, biology and genetics this book will guide us through and also give a toolbox to help get the best out of you and to break any bad habits.

Is it a load of waffle?  A fad book?  I’m not sure until I read it, but will approach with an open mind and share with you any thoughts, take outs and opinions. I for one know that I am a perfect candidate for this book so will see how I go!

If anyone has read the book I would be interested in your feedback.