Reviewing American Horror Story – Asylum for Novastream TV is a pretty tough gig.  Slick production, great acting, all the best bits of those horror movies you loved as a teenager, so whats the problem?

The problem is that as an adult the bad people seem that little bit more real, that little bit more terrifying and it’s that little bit harder to get to sleep at night after watching them crawl out of the TV screen and into your head.

My tip (and one that I have used after several episodes of ‘Asylum’) is to watch the pink and gold washed colours of the wholesome and cheesy Everybody Loves Raymond.  Gentle middle American TV to ease the fear and make the world feel safe and warm again. Until next weeks episode!

How do you make yourself feel less scared after watching a horror movie?  Turn all the lights in the house on? Sing to yourself? Call your mum?

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