Spring has sprung (in Sydney anyway) so I plan to do 5 little things to get me motivated and taking another step forward, however tiny, to reach my writing goals.-

1. Open the windows! I’ve spent all winter huddled by a heater with the blinds down squinting at a glaring screen in the winter grey. I can now feel the fresh spring breeze through the window, and watch my slightly overweight cat digging where she shouldn’t be in the neighbours garden.

2. Tidy my desk. I need to chuck away old junk mail, clean my dusty desk and finally bin that same bloody pen I reach for every time that doesn’t work and I stupidly put back in the pot time after time.

3. This one could be fraught with danger and suck up many days and possibly my insanity. I am going to update my iPhone, iPad, and Mac with all the latest software updates. I will be nervous and I will probably lose my contact list and my temper. I am prepared for what lies ahead.


4. I’m going to dig out the old draft of the book I’m working on and look at it with fresh eyes which have finally emerged from hibernation.

5. Finally I’m going to get all my library books returned and re-aquaint myself with my local library. I’m going to really try and spend a bit of time their regularly and explore whats new.

Does Spring re-energise you?