I was busy working away this morning on some blog posts for clients.  Large mug of coffee to my right hand side, papers and pens of differing colours scattered across my desk (heaven knows why I never throw out the ones that never work!).  Why is it I choose to keep them, forget they don’t work, scribble and rip apart a note pad trying to get it work, only to fail and put it right back in the jar?

Anyway I digress.  I keep my ITunes on to keep me company and keep the words flowing.  Some people have to have silence to work but for me I need some background noise.

This little classic popped up.

I was giggling to myself at the lyrics and just how cheesy they seemed.  But, back in the day I thought LL Cool J was a lyrical gangster.  This song to me in the late 80’s was sheer poetry.

It just goes to show that your tastes change and grow with you.  Although I still cranked up the tune and bobbed about like study like a fly girl, some things don’t change even if maybe they should.  Now where is my Kangol bucket hat…