So, as you guys know I took my battered old copy of Watership Down to read while I was on holidays. I will confess that happy hour at the pool bar, quad biking and parasailing took up much of my time but I did get through quite a few chapters while sunning myself on Waikiki beach.

The book had me hooked straight away, the level of detail had me mapping out the meadows and burrows, crops and roads, creating a landscape for the characters to journey in my head. One thing did strike me though. As hard as I tried I could not change the voices of the characters in my head from the voices which narrated the 1978 animated film version of the book. Richard Briers’ wonderfully English, soft voice was still Fiver’s and didn’t let go.

It made me think of a Morgan Freeman meme I saw. I’ve added it below and I challenge you to try it! Isn’t it funny that the reading voice in your head becomes so different and so clear.


I do think though that Morgan Freeman’s voice would have made a wonderful Bigwig!

Do you have any characters in books who have their own reading voice in your head?