So, the worst has happened.  The one TV program I love and adore has been axed by the network.  My love affair with Horatio Caine may soon be over.  No more trips to Cuba or riding in the Hummer.  No more sultry side glances while the dark shades are held in front, low and then gently folded.

No more starting the case with a cracking one liner.  No more saving the ass of his colleagues or spotting a link or clue where there didn’t seem to be one before.

Those flame red locks will only be shown to me in TV1 re-runs on cable.

It’s an odd obsession my friends tell me, some even think its a little creepy.  But Horatio and I have shared moments in time, and now its time I guess for him to hand in his badge and sunglasses.

Many may rejoice that the overacting and the one liners are gone.  But for the many that love them and can’t get enough of them here are a few to keep you going.

See you on the flip side Horatio, you take care out there.

If your Caruso scratch has to be itched, I recommend these masterpieces from the  90’s that for some reason didn’t reach the box office hits of other box office smashes. A travesty.

Yep thats right, the mighty Caruso up against Nicholas Cage in a white shell suit and Samuel L Jackson with a weeping eye. Not sure what else I need to tell you…
“Some fantasies go too far”…..some may say this means my man sweating it out in grey joggers but I disagree
The start of the sunglasses phase. A key moment in Caruso history
Caruso with long hair.. now your messing with my dreams

If i’ve missed some Caruso gold let me know!