I was on the train this steamy hot morning heading into the city.  My train ride is only a few minutes but it felt like forever.  Everyone suddenly moved in slow motion as they fought through the thick, heavy, grubby air of the over capacity commuter train. 

The moment I stepped inside the carriage my clothes sunk onto my body like a magnet and clung uncomfortably to every crease and curve of my skin.  I felt a bead of sweat trickle down the centre of my back. It gave me goosebumps.

I had to focus very hard on not breaking out into a full blown sweat aswell as blocking out the fat businessman pressing against me and leering down my top. The train was too crowded to pull a book from my bag.  I had no other option but to grab my Iphone and browse rubbish in misery like everyone else.

Whilst checking out the latest tweets on the Huffington Post and seeing what Stephen Fry was pontificating about I stumbled across this facebook entry.

All of a sudden my hot sweaty skin became cold and clammy.  The hairs rose on my arms and fear wrapped its icy cold, bony fingers around my heart.

A little exaggerated? To you maybe but for me, a complete arachnaphobic, that one sentence cut through everything and a surge of panic and disgust rose from my stomach. 

One short sentence which captured someone completely.  If only for a moment.

What’s the one sentence, headline or paragraph which has stopped you this week?


Boris The Spider