I’m in a good place as 2012 starts. No panic or dread looming as the year begins to roll out. Infact I have the calmness, peace and daily happiness I craved for the last half of 2011.  I am hitting the gym, losing a bit of unhappy fat and taken up a new skin care regime. I have a real sense of myself and hope to keep it going.  I know what I want and I know how to get there.

So why do my feet turn to lead as I walk to my desk and my mind become murky as I sit and aim to take those first steps?

This weekend whilst doing everything I could to avoid making my dreams come true, I decided to waste two precious hours looking at free apps on my IPad. I now have a new wallpaper for my IPhone, Angry Birds Rio and  can  pop imaginary bubble wrap. After hours of skimming through 1001 emoticons I finally discovered something that will get me moving!

ITunesU. Free lessons, learnings,  papers, exercises and podcasts on any topic you have ever wanted to study. There is so much for free! I’m going to give the Open Edu courses on fiction a go this week, no excuses! I’m hoping they will give me structure, create a routine and those vital small goals enabling me to create some quality pieces of work to share soon.

If you find any interesting courses share them here!