OzHarvest is a good, honest charity which collects unwanted or leftover food from corporate buildings, caterers and food outlets.  They redistribute this food every day to soup kitchens, womens refuges (where women are in hiding and anonymity of addresses is a major issue), homeless shelters and a food van giving to the hungry.

With so much waste in the world, particularly food, I would appreciate it if you took time to donate to the CEO Cook Off Event which my boss is partaking in.  Any donation however large or small would be grateful. If anything you will be helping to defeat the Qantas CEO!

Even if you don’t donate, please take a look at the link to find out more about this great charity I choose to support.  There are so many charities out there but the honest, down to earth team really work all hours to make sure as many hungry tummies are filled as possible.



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