Sesame Street was first aired in November 1969.  At the end of the hippy 60’s and launching into the 70’s where millions of kids wearing hand knitted turtle necks and flared corduroy trousers were brought into a colourful world full of learning, friends, crazy puppets and catchy tunes.

Seeing a re-run of an old Sesame Street episode takes me immediately to a happy place in my childhood.  Sat with my brother, munching on a  rich tea biscuit singing the songs and talking to Bert and Ernie as if there were in the room with us.  I loved going to primary school the next day showing teacher how I learned how to draw a letter of the alphabet or use a new word in a sentence.  I know dad used to leave the TV on because he secretly loved the mental yip yip aliens.

I think most kids brought up in the 70’s and 80’s felt the same.  So I want to say thank you Sesame Street, and to share my favourite Sesame Street song.  I dare you not to groove and turn up the volume.

Feel free to share your own!