The word artisan conjures up a certain romantic images in my head. Renaissance craftsman bobbing and weaving creating beautiful linens and fabrics on a wooden loom, medieval stained glass window makers, or a rural French cheese maker creating rare truffle infused fromage.

Artisan has been a word which hasnt really cropped up in the common day to day dialogue of the normal working Aussie until now, relegated to encyclopedias, texts and the history channel.  But it seems over just a few short months this word has popped up everywhere, I can’t escape it!

There are artisan bakers in the eastern suburbs, artisan butchers on the north shore and artisan cheese makers at the farmers markets. Its printed in the foodie colums of the papers and celebrity chefs plug artisan products on their tv programs.  They may well be artisan in the loosest of terms, but why has this new buzzword become so popular?  I feel its lost all meaning because some marketing gits have jumped on it, stolen it and bastardised it.  What is the difference between a handmade loaf from your local bakers which has been on the high street for ten years and an artisan loaf from the new boutique bakery?  About $6 I would think.

Need an example? 

Dominos pizza in the US is heavily advertising its own ‘artisan’ pizza.  Your pizza is lovingly hand crafted only using the very finest ingredients by a master chef at Dominos.  What a treat to receive such a fresh tasting homemade pizza from such a niche restaurant!  What’s also an excellent sign of quality is that the passionate pizza makers even lovingly hand sign their name on the box before its delivered to you. 

We aren't artisans but we are going to sell you an artisan pizza

 Still feeling peckish afterwards?  Tuck into a late night snack of artisan nacho chips.  Yes, you read correctly, artisan nacho chips. 

Garlic and blackbean mmmm my favourite

Quite frankly i’m flabbergasted.  It infuriates me when words are kidnapped by marketing buffoons and slapped on everything.   Let’s not slip into a world where our English language, our beautiful English language is diminished and let’s not get sucked in by ‘artisan’ pizza  from a global take-away franchise.

We are better than that.. surely?