Finally after many years of having a clunky mobile that looked like a 1980’s Atari I got myself the new white iPhone. Yes, now I no longer have mobile phone shame and can text, tweet, bump and shazam to my hearts content.

But, being a Duff means I carry a curse. Any attempt to be cool is instantly ripped away from me. The life of a Duff means a life of lurching from one ridiculous, sometimes funny, always awkward social situation to the next. I thought my latest toy was my new, clever, stylish good looking friend, but using it is a gamble of shame every time with it’s ridiculous autocorrect program.

A quick text to my parents turns into pages of confusing SMS which results in a long explanation phone call. Random and wholly inappropriate words pop up right in the middle of a text my managers at work. I can never look them in the eye again without feeling the flush of embarrassment.

My shame is too great to show my own SMS fails but here are some of the funniest I’ve seen and give me some kind of comfort that I am not alone. I feel your pain people!

Parent teacher night is going to be awkward...
This poor autocorrect victim will forever be known as "The nipple guy"
Fringe Squared

Do you have any autocorrect fails you’re brave enough to share?