Last week I began to feel under pressure, real pressure.  Stress levels were high.  I have a 9-5 job which is actually working out to be a 7am to 9pm gig at the moment. On top of that I had 15 freelance work projects  to get through let alone work on my own blog and creative writing.  Whilst doing all of the above I needed to run a home, maintain a relationship, book the car in for a service,  and try not to forget to feed the cats or myself.  It was a bad week.

Ever felt like this?

I had more freelance work than I have ever had and found myself losing my grip on time and trying unsuccessfully to sleep while my heart thumped so loudly in my chest I thought I would wake the neighbour’s baby.  Even  a glass of red wine to unwind didn’t help (neither did a bottle FYI).  I began to think I wasn’t cut out to maintain both my office job and my writing and finances meant my writing would have to go.

But I love my writing and am determined to make it work.

So, I implemented a few tips and this week was a much better week! I thought I would share with any budding writers out there how I have managed to get some structure back into my life whilst keeping my love for writing alive.

  • Making a schedule is easy sticking to it is the hard part! There is no point having a to do list if you’re going to scroll down and only knock over the easy ones.  There will always be easy tasks but  getting through the big ones will give you a boost and a much needed sense of achievement.
  • If you’re writing from home, set up a proper station.  We can’t all have home offices for peace and  quiet, but create a corner of a room, set up with a cork board, computer and a place to write.
  • GIANT POST IT’s.  Yes these giant A1 Post-Its have kept me focussed.  I can plan an idea or structure for an article or blog, brainstorm and stick it up in front of my desk.  It’s there every time I walk past as motivation to get the job done, spark my interest and it doesn’t ruin my walls!
  • If you start something, stay in the zone and finish it.  It’s hard but I have found it works wonders to stay focussed and do one topic or task really well than attempt three different things at once and do a crap job on all of them.
  • Take home a “Win” every day.  Whilst at the office I look to achieve something, however small.  Praise from a manager, a deadline met, some money saved or a great communication.  I take that “win” with me on the way home in my head and leave all the other baggage in the office.  It will still be there in the morning. Whatever you do, DON’T TAKE IT HOME!
  • Take a notebook with you everywhere.  You may get inspired and hear a word or see something that sparks an idea.   Or you may need to write a reminder.  Either way if it’s on paper its not milling round in your head adding to your stress. 

 Not everything works for everybody but my week has been a little better and I feel my work is improving too!

Feeling a little better this week!