Just lately it seems every email I open is spam or a mailshot from some website I subscribed to long ago.  Tiger airways flights to nowhere for 5cents, an offer of free business cards except the delivery is $59.99 or a chance to win tickets to see a band i’ve never heard of in a state I don’t even live in.  

So it was wonderful to have this cute little poem sent to me from my little sister.  She may be on the other side of the world but we are just as close as ever.  It made me stop for a moment and brightened up a pretty average evening!

My dear Big Sis, you are the greatest there is,
And amazing in everyway.
I greatly admire and look up to you,
Each and every day.

You are always showing how much you care,
From your heart that is filled with love.
You are a beautiful Angel,
Sent from the heavens above.

I am the luckiest Sis in the world,
To have grown up next to you.
We played and laughed and had fun together,
A great bond that has always stayed true.

Big Sis you are always in my heart & thoughts,
And I am always sending you a hug and kiss.
You are my world and I love you so much,
Always and Forever…Your Lil’ Sis.